Thursday, May 31, 2007

Never a dull moment wth my girls.......

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a children's clothing store with girls looking for some summer clothes for Hayleigh. I was looking at a denim skirt and had the sales lady standing beside me. I was checking it out to see if it was a skirt or skort and the sales lady (who was kinda annoying me at the time) advised that it was a skort and had the built in shorts. Hayleigh who was standing beside me at the time said, "that's good, I need the shorts because I don't sit like a lady."

I really don't make this stuff up.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Confessions of Scrapbooker.......

My hobby of scrapbooking all started with a Creative Memories class many, many years ago and that class included decorative scissors, tape and a blank canvas so to speak. By the end of my first class I had hacked my pictures all to hell. Quite frankly, it is a wonder I am still scrapbooking today. Since that time I have used their albums faithfully and some of their product, but have also spent a dollar or two in scrapbooking stores here & there :o)

A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of post bound albums to make my Mother's Day scrapbooks. Well, I have officially converted, never again to use one of the above mentioned albums. I tried the other night to do some pages in these books and I hated them. I do have some stuff to use up and I will use it up because I have far to much invested. But once I have it used up, I will be making the switch.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This is going to be short and sweet because I am really tired from Emily's first night of Kiddie Kickers. Yes, I am "coaching" again this year, but this year I have fourteen of the little kiddies and no help as of yet. You would think I would be having a good stiff drink right now, but instead I am enjoying an ice cold glass of water and heading off to have a bath and then bed.

Sorry no soccer pictures, I was just a little busy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This & That.....

While looking through the pictures that I took yesterday of the girls, I realized that I need to get my camera out more. It had been three weeks since I had it out last. For mother's day I made a scrapbook for both my mom (okay technically hers is not done yet) and Brent's mom (and neither is hers, but it will be the gift that keeps on giving when I do get those last pages done). There were so many pictures of the girls from the past year that I really liked and wanted to share. I also find myself experimenting with my camera more and critiquing my pictures. I have made a promise to myself that no matter how busy things may be this fall, I am going to take a photograhpy course.
Today was Emily's first day back at Laura's with all the other kids that Hayliegh infected with the chicken pox. Out of the four kids that Hayleigh would see on regular basis, she managed to pass the chicken pox onto three of them. The fourth little girl had the vaccination. At least now we can say we are done with them, other then the scars!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gardening 101.....

(ETA....I just typed a whole blurb about Emily having the chicken pox and how she had it much worse then Hayleigh and she kept us up for three nights in a row and then I lost my internet connection and it is now gone.

So, that is pretty much it in a nutshell!)

Today we headed to the greenhouse to pick up the flowers for the planters. The girls like going to the greenhouse just because there is wagons for them to pull around. I, on the other hand, could spend hours checking out the annuals, perenials, shrubs, but the girls just won't have it. I can't complain though, they did give an hour of their time today.

The girls helped me plant the planters when we got home. Emily was covered in potting soil by the time she was done. Hayleigh did really well at the planting. They now have designated planters that are theirs. We will see how well they do at keeping them watered.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sharing some more pictures.....

Another Year Older.....

Yes, I know, I have been slack again at posting, but the truth is life has been a little bit crazy lately. I have come to the conclusion that spring is just a crazy time and there is going to be no way around it. Not only are things crazy busy here at home, it is the same at work and there seems to be no getting away from it.

Hayleigh celebrated her 6th birthday on Monday. She is growing so fast. It seems just like yesterday that she surprised us all by arriving three weeks. I was so unprepared for her it was really pathetic. It is still a wonder to me that they ever let me bring her home from the hospital. We had the grandparents and great grandmas here on Sunday for lunch and then Tuesday night she had a couple of friends over. She was not feeling well last night and then when I went to check on her this morning I saw the little pink spots making their appearance. Yes, she has the chicken pox. She is not terribly sick, just miserable. The spots are not bothering too much at this point, but we are still able to track of how many spots she has. After her bath tonight, I noticed the beginning of many more spots so I imagine when she wakes in the morning it is just there will be not point in counting anymore. Of course, the timing is lousy as we are suppose to be going away tomorrow night and I am planning a shower on Saturday, but we will manage.
Emily is Emily. Right now, she is wishing that she too had the chicken pox. If only she knew. She continues to amaze me as she grows. She is my baby and I always thinking of as that, but she is growing into this little person. One, who right now feels left out because she has not has the chicken pox! I kind of wish she had them right now as well and then we would be done with the chicken pox. I figure she will have them in time for the long weekend!