Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost Forgot About Halloween.......

...the Blushing Bride and, the witch!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Buses, Trains & Automobiles....

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the girls and I tagged along with Brent to Ottawa for a mini fall get-a-way. I was not sure how we were going to make out considering we had a 6 hour plus car ride and Emily hates making the two hour trip to Barrie because it takes way to long to get there. Both girls did amazingly well considering it was a very dreary, rainy drive. I guess the anticipation of what lie ahead is what got them through the long drive. The original plan when I started planning this trip way back when was that we would stay at the same hotel as Brent but, it was missing one very important amenity....a swimming pool! So we booked ourselves into the Hampton Inn just so we could enjoy the pool! Hayleigh's comments about our hotel..."This is so much better then I expected."
I love Ottawa. It is such a beautiful city. We took the girls to the Canadian Children's Museum which I highly recommend to anyone visiting Ottawa with kids. The girls loved the place running from exhibit to exhibit and back again. There was so much for them take in. If it had not been closed on the Monday, I am sure we would have been back.
We had a great visit with my old roommates Sue and Colleen...and lots of laughs. The three of us had some great times at 210 Stewart.
We also visited Parliment Hill. Hayleigh wanted to go up the Peace tower and Emily refused. With some creative parenting (okay, I lied to the child), I managed to get Emily into the elevator and the first words out of her mouth inside the peace tower looking over the city......"This is so awesome Mom!" Monday was a cool day so our tour around the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill was not very long. Part of our Monday adventures was riding OC Transpo. I told the girls we could take the bus downtown and they thought it was just awesome.
We ended our trip by bringing the train home from Ottawa. It was the girls first time on the train.
I am now trying to sort through photo's.....Emily is patiently waiting for me to develop them so she can show her friends.