Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today my baby turned six.

I was recently reading another blog and the writer listed six facts about her daughter's sixth birthday and I am going to borrow the idea since I have never done a birthday letter for the girls.

Here it goes......
  • Emily is not a morning person. When her alarm goes off or you turn the light on in her bedroom she will bury her head under her pillow. If you get out of bed before she is good and ready you will pay for it. (some people will tell me this is payback)
  • Emily is into princesses right now and that is the theme of the birthday party that was postponed until next weekend.
  • Her favourite movie right now is Mama Mia and she could probably sing every song from beginning to end without any help.
  • As I type this, Emily is watching Mama Mia, wearing her princess dress.
  • She has one loose tooth. It will be a while before it falls out.
  • Her best friends are Kennedy, Leah, Janine, Macy, Erica and Ashley.
  • And I could go on and on.........

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Keeping My Fingers Crossed

    Emily's turns six on Sunday. She has been planning her sixth birthday since last March. The invite list was finalized a couple of weeks to six of her friends from school and daycare. The invitations have been delivered and everyone has replied. They are all able to attend. The menu has been finalized and the activities organized. And now she is sick. The poor thing has been really sick since Monday. Tonight she started to perk up and is looking a little better. The fever is still there and so is the congestion. At this point I am thinking it would be best to postpone the party for a week so she will be able to fully enjoy it. The other catch....Brent leaves for California on Wednesday for nine days which means I would be going solo next weekend if we were to postpone the party till then.
    I am hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    More From the Sunny (but cold) South!

    Well the weather has gone from cool to cooler here in Florida. They are claiming that it is as cold if not colder then 2003....whatever that may mean. For us, it has meant an extra layer and a couple of loads of laundry mid week because the pants and sweatshirt have been worn much more then intended. But, despite the cool weather it has been sunny and I am loving the sunshine!
    Yesterday we spent the day at Epcot and it is in my opinion highly under-rated. In the beginning the only reason we spent the day was for our dinner with the princesses, but it turned out to be great and left us debating as to whether we should go back! Magic Kingdom won out and we spent today there.
    Tomorrow is be much warmer so the plan is to visit the beach for a while.....hopefully no parkas required!
    (ETA - Oops, I forgot to hit publish on a couple of posts)

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Scenes From Magic Kingdom

    Just wanted to share a few pictures from our trip so far. We have had one rainy day and one sunny, but cool day. It's has been funny watching people walk around with scarve's, mitts and toque's in 12 - 15 degree weather.....meanwhile the girls have been wanting to break out the shorts and tank tops!

    Emily was in awe yesterday as she met the princesses. Tonight we are going to a character meal at the Royal Dining hall. Emily is so excited.
    Hayleigh has been having fun as well, but seems to contain her excitement a little more then Emily. (Hayleigh wants me to mention that she kissed Chip & Dale on their noses and made them blush!)

    I have to add that yesterday we learned both the girls need a lot more practice with their driving at the Speedway. I think is should be another good 15 years before they need to think about getting their licence.

    Hopefully, I will have another update later in the week. We had a quiet morning here in the hotel while I did some laundry and the girls had some downtime. However they are starting to go stir crazy and Hayleigh is looking over my shoulder telling me to hurry up with this, so I must be off.