Friday, March 30, 2007

Kids can find joy in the oddest places.

Today we took the girls to the London Children’s Museum and all I can say is I love that place and so did the girls. It is a place that I have been wanting to take the girls for some time now.

When we first got there Emily had to go the washroom and from the moment that we walked into the washroom she thought the place was just great! The walls in the bathroom were pretty, the sink, soap and paper towels were the perfect height and she didn’t have to flush the toilet, it just flushed on its own (she had never experienced that before)! And it just got better from there!

Next time we will have to allow more time to enjoy the place because we will be back!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Emily has been going to speech therapy since January. She is not pronouncing her L, K, or G sounds. I did not know what to expect when we started. When we sit down with Emily to work on her letters she does well, but that has not rolled over into everyday conversation and the speech therapist told us it would take time. Last Friday was Emily’s last session until probably the fall, but we are to keep working with Emily.

Well, Emily has decided that she no longer needs to do her homework because she does not get to see Laurie. The one thing we have learned through this whole process is that if Emily does not want to do her homework there is no point, because she just won’t co-operate. This week with the nice weather she wanted to ride her bike and with that she has been using her back sound and pronouncing her K. She is doing this on her own without any coaching! It’s kinda cute at this point because she stressing on the K so much. Now we will have to work with her on softening her K.

We still have lots to work on, but I am so proud of her for picking this up on her own. I asked her the other day about pointing at her throat when she does her back sounds and she told me that Laurie always did it so she must do it as well. She may go around for the rest of her life pointing at her throat when she talks, but at least people will be able to understand what she saying!

Monday, March 26, 2007

The First of about 20....

The big news at our house this week Hayleigh finally lost her first loose tooth. I was beginning to think it was never going to come out. It has been loose for months.

There is a story that behind loosing this tooth will definitely have to go in the scrapbook. On Monday, while at Laura's, Hayleigh was playing air hockey with Alex and she won. So being a good sport, Alex gave Hayleigh a hug. When he had her close enough he proceeded to stick his thumb in her mouth and pull her loose tooth out. I know she did expect that this would be how her tooth came, if anyone was going to be pulling it out it would have been her dad. Nonetheless, the tooth is now gone and the tooth fairy will be making a visit to our house tonight.
The tooth fairy has been doing some research and apparently the going rate for a tooth is $2. Whatever happened the quarter that I received or the dime that my dad talks about? What ever it may be she is going to need all the money she can get for those teeth because on Hayleigh's first ever trip to the dentist he was kind enough to tell us that she will probably need braces. Now I am not sure how they can tell when they are three that they will one day need braces, but I am sure hoping he was just feeding my a line of B.S!

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day around our house and when I say lazy, I mean did not get out of pajamas until 3:00 lazy. When we finally did get dressed we headed outside to enjoy what was suppose to spring weather. I walked with Louie while the girls rode their bikes. Emily armed in with her new bike helmet, elbow pads and knee pads was set to go, the only thing slowing her down was the muddy driveway and cold wind. We did make it out the lane and down the road a piece before turning around. Both of the girls were keen to bike to Nana & Grandpas house. It's a good thing we didn't or else we would have put a call into to Brent to come and pick us up because I don't think they would have made it home. Hayleigh had to push her bike the last bit because she was "sooo tired" Turns out she is not feeling all that great. She passed on supper tonight and you know when Hayleigh passes on a meal, there must be something wrong. She is complaining of a sore throat so I hope that's all it is. Last year she had trouble with strep throat. She feels lousy, but really doesn't have a fever. Emily has yet another cold which has been an ongoing thing with her this winter. This past week she was fighting a fever. The fever is gone and now we just have the runny nose to deal with. She seems to be doing better now because she did eat supper. Both are tucked into bed now and hopefully get a good nights sleep!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hair Woes......Already

A couple of months ago when the girls had their hair cut, Sandi cut Hayleigh's hair so that her bangs were the same length as the rest of her hair. When all was said and done she had a short little bob and I thought it looked really cute. Well, when we got home there was tears and and at one point Hayleigh was never going to let Sandi cut her hair again. Well, never must be a very short time because this week when I took Emily to get her hair cut, Hayleigh got hers trimmed as well.
Now, Emily is upset with me because she doesn't like her hair cut. Emily wants to grow her hair long and I would be in favour of this if 1. She didn't scream every time I came near her with a comb and 2. She let me put it in ponytails or pigtails once in while.
I just can't imagine what the teen years will be like!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winter Scenes

A few weeks ago we had one of the worst winter storms that I personally can ever remember. I had made it to work that Monday and made it home about 8:30 that night. I had to have Brent come pick me up because I would have never made home as the roads were full of snow. The next day when Brent took me to work, I wished I had my camera with me because there was a couple of spots where there was only one lane on the highway and the snow was half way up the truck windows. When we got home I told Hayleigh she could finally have her chance to climb a tree because I noticed the snow was pretty much all the way up the trunk of this tree because, yes, we really did get that much snow! I will have to try and remember and do another shot with her next to the tree when the snow is all gone!
Just a few days later, Emily had obviously had enough of winter because she was in search of some grass to cut. She found a little patch, now we will just see if she is this keen to cut grass in a few years!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Picture Says it All......

Emily is now four! Well, she turned four February 22.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starting Over

Well long story short, if you are interested in what is going on at our house, you are going to have to check it out here! And as you will notice, I have a lot of catching up to do.

In due time I will try and get some pictures posted from the past couple of months, so bear with me....